Human Resources

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Since its establishment to this date, ZSR Patlayıcı San. A.Ş. has been well aware of the fact that competitive superiority develops and changes quickly is possible only by means of brain power well invested.

It holds it as its primary principle to enhance and develop excellence and value of high performance in all its operations. We sincerely believe that equal employment opportunities should be offered irrespective of age, sexuality, nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, political opinion and physical condition. This principle is valid throughout all steps of our business life in our group from job advertisements, recruiting and hiring, promotion to promotion and status change, and from various applications for the employees to wages and other fringe benefits and training options.

It is one of our basic objectives to have a quality, peaceful and warm working environment where individual and corporate values are shared by observing material and moral rights of our employees.

We are aware that following transparent and equal management policy for our employees and giving particular importance to maintain and improve their loyalty to the company is the basic criteria for keeping the brain power we have.

Among our basic principles is to become a world-class trademark and share this achievement with all our employees by keeping our target higher all the time and protecting our leadership in the sectors where we operate, making differences and permanent superiorities.

Main component of our human resources philosophy in the way of becoming a worldclass trademark is to enhance motivations of our employees and provide equality of opportunity among all our employees.

Basing on this vision, our Human Resources Policy aims at meeting human force requirement of ZSR Patlayıcı San. A.Ş. in lien with its strategic plans and goals, ensuring that this power is evaluated and maintained in the best efficient way.

Provision of training and self-improvement opportunities to our employees, maximization of their efficient by forming career maps in line with our policy has vital importance for us in this long road we take.

What makes ZSR Patlayıcı San. A.Ş. successful is adoption of our company culture and basic principles by all our employees and openness of all employees, particularly top management staff, to learning and development all the time.

It is our basic policy to revise and update all procedures of human resources according to the current conditions and, consequently, ensure constant development of it in a dynamic way.

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