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We, ZSR PATLAYICI SANAYİ A.Ş. (“Company”), in capacity of data controller, hereby inform you that your personal data shall be recorded, saved, kept, reorganized, shared with the organizations which are legally authorized to demand such personal data, transmitted to local or foreign third parties, classified and processed in other ways listed in the Law on Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter called “LPPD”)  in accordance with, in a limited manner, as you have provided them in away to keep them correct and updated.


If you are a visitor whose personal data has been obtained and processed by us, your personal data we have obtained and processed are as follows: ID Data, Full Name, Turkish ID, Passport Number, Signature, Visitor visual data; closed-circuit surveillance camera footage, other visitors data; Vehicle data, Vehicle Registration Number, the organization where he/she works and his/her title.


When you visit our company, we collect your visual data by means of camera-recorders we deployed in the company and through communication by you of your personal data requested verbally or in physical space in line with our legal liability to ensure security of our company and on self-defence basis.


Your personal data legally acquired by us are processed by the Company for the following objectives and reasons on self-defence basis and without violating your rights: For monitoring the visitors. 

Your personal data shall be kept for the maximum time specified in the applicable regulation or as long as they are necessary for the purpose of processing and, in any case, as much as legal prescription. Retention time may vary depending on categories of personal data and objectives of processing. Please contact with us to get detailed information about retention time and destruction of your personal data.


Your data are not shared with any third parties. Your images caught by the surveillance camera-recorders deployed by the office building management as well as ID data you give at the security check point of ZSR PATLAYICI SANAYİ A.Ş. are kept and processed by the management of Administrative Affairs in capacity of data controller.


  • Provided you prove your identity, as per the article 11 of LPPD, you may with respect to your personal data:
  • Inquire whether we process personal data about you and, if we process or processed, request information about it.
  • Ask for objective of processing your personal data and whether they are used according to the specified purpose.
  • Ask whether your personal data are transmitted nationally or internationally and to whom they are transmitted.
  • Request that incorrect and missing personal data about you are corrected and the receivers that such data are transmitted or may be transmitted should be informed accordingly.
  • You may request that your personal data are destroyed (deleted or anonymized) in accordance with the conditions specified in the article 7 of LPPD.
  • However, we shall consider your request of destruction and the best method shall be determined by us depending on the specific conditions. In this context, you may at any time request information on why we have chosen the method of destruction in question.
  • You may request that the third parties to whom your personal data are transmitted or may be transmitted are notified about your request of destruction in question.
  • If you suffer loss due to illegal processing of your personal data, you may claim indemnification of such loss.

Your requests mentioned in your application shall be concluded free of charge and not later than third days depending on quality of your request. However, if such action requires extra cost for the Company, the fee specified in the Communique Regarding Procedures and Principles for Application to Data Controller by the Board of Personal Data Protection shall be collected.

You may apply concerning procession of your personal data by completing the application form in the website address of the Company or to the Data Controller in the following ways provided you comply with the conditions specified in the Article 5 of the Communique Regarding Application Procedures and Principles:

in writing and as signed,

by e-mail message you will send from your registered electronic mail address (EMA),

by safe electronic signature or mobile signature.



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